New Website: Enerlife Consulting

Early this month we released a new website for Enerlife Consulting. Enerlife has been a client for a long time. And I can honestly say that we have grown together in learning about the Internet and what to ask for from it.

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Website Security: Be a Shark

Website security can be overwhelming and complicated. There are so many ways to secure your website and lots and lots of people telling you how to do it.

I think of security as an accumulative thing – you learn one thing and then you move on to the next. It’s not something that you can stop learning about. Much like a shark, you have to keep swimming.

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CSS: Negative Margins

Negative margins are a simple and brilliant fix for the gap left behind when an image or text block is re-positioned relatively. Sometimes we need to move something  "a little to the left" or "just up a smidge." And that is easy. Usually done with CSS properties such...

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