Project: Enerlife Consulting Website

Early this month we released a new website for Enerlife Consulting. Enerlife has been a client for a long time. And I can honestly say that we have grown together in learning about the Internet and what to ask for from it.

I didn’t build their first website but I maintained it for a few years until they needed something new. Websites that used simple html and bare minimum CSS styling were no longer presenting all that could be offered. Enerlife wanted something that they could update regularly with fresh content.

So I built a hybrid website but I didn’t use WordPress as the CMS…no, no that would have been too easy. Instead I built the website with PHP and used WordPress as the engine to throw dynamic content into the pages and as a built in blog. I know that sounds pretty crazy. And truthfully I look back and think “geez – that was brave.” I did so by using $page_id, a custom template and GD Library to create on the fly graphic titles made with the Architecture font.

Somehow, it worked. And somehow Enerlife was able to produce 50+ blogs that seamlessly looked like they belong in that website. I learned a lot building that website.

Time went on, five years passed and the possibilities of what could be done on the Internet were endless. And much like myself, Enerlife had grown and learned about those possibilities. They wanted a different presentation. They wanted to incorporate their social media, present projects in a different way and they wanted their website to be responsive.

So I built their third website using WordPress and a responsive Elegant Themes framework called Divi.

The first two websites were blue. For their new website I wanted something warmer. So we focused on natural imagery and the green found in the logo. We used a large interior atrium shot as the first slider on the large home page banner and focused on the quality of the imagery and what it needed to say. Enerlife scrutinized their content. We added dynamically loading social media, new projects with a simple but effective single stat counter and linked the services used to each one. To keep the content clean and easy to view, we decided that the news should simply display three posts with short excerpts. In the about, services and programs pages, we used toggle dropdowns to display the information in an organized manner.

So welcome to the new Enerlife Consulting website. And as time passes, we will continue to grow and learn about the Internet and what to ask next from it.